Minnesota Wild Rice Products for sale.
Wild Rice Breads, pancake mixes, fish batter, soup recipes and gourmet gift baskets containing pure maple syrup are available here at Moose Lake Wild Rice Company.

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Moose Lake Wild Rice Company supplies hand-harvested wild rice to restaurants, wholesalers, and anyone looking for gourmet foods for personal recipes.
Moose Lake Wild Rice sells wild rice that is 100% naturally grown lake and river wild rice from Minnesota and Canada. Family owned and operated since 1973, we sell hand picked and wood parched premium rice that is grown in the wild of Minnesota and Canada.

If you're looking for Minnesota-grown or Canadian-grown Wild Rice, Please visit our online store to buy gourmet wild rice. We also sell pure maple syrup, wild rice pancake mix, fish batter and gift baskets containing a variety of gourmet products. The wild rice we sell is 100% naturally grown unless it is labled 'Cultivated'. Neither is certified 'organic wild rice' in accordance with the USDA regulations.

We are often asked what’s the difference between organic wild rice and cultivated wild rice.  "Real" or what many people call "organic wild rice" grows wild in the clear lakes of northern Minnesota and Canada. It is not genetically modified and has not been altered like some of the cultivated paddy wild rice that is available in grocery stores across the country.

The history of wild rice is an interesting one. It is an aquatic cereal grain that grows wild in isolated lakes and river bed areas located primarily within the continent of North America. This evolutionarily ancient grain has been found in layers of the earth dating back some 12,000 years. In addition to its role as an important food staple for ancestral peoples, it has provided a unique habitat for fish and waterfowl for thousands of years.  The methods used for harvesting wild rice have remained unchanged for centuries.  Wild Rice also has many uses, as a grain, as a folk medicine, in ornamental use and in cultural events.

Grow Your Own Wild Rice!

Moose Lake WIld Rice now offers a place where you can purchase "green" wild rice that can be planted. Moose Lake Wild Rice offers this link to the Habitat Outlet Store. Click Here to find some of the best seeds, trees and services here for deer, grouse, waterfowl, pheasant, turkey and many other types of wildlife. Our goal is to promote a balance between agricultural resources and conservation to improve food plots, farming efficiency and profitability while also improving water quality and wildlife habitat. Whether you are a large or small landowner, or a hunting club, the Habitat Outlet Store can help you with your habitat and conservation needs and identify potential income and cost share sources.

Click Here to go directly to Prairie Land Management's website for detailed information about their products and what they offer. Please come back to our website and click on one of the links in the paragraph above to go to their store to make a purchase so we get credit for referring your business to them.

Visit Moose Lake Wild Rice Company's profile on Pinterest.

Visit Moose Lake Wild Rice Company's profile on Pinterest.

Wild Rice Recipes

Looking for wild rice recipes?  We have free recipes for everything from How to Cook Wild Rice, to Cream of Chicken with Wild Rice Soup, and Hamburger and Wild Rice Casserole.  With regard to storing wild rice, it will keep indefinitely, if it is kept in a cool dry place in a covered jar.

A note about Moose Lake Wild Rice

We believe you'll be very pleased with our products and service at Moose Lake Wild Rice. We guarantee our quality and have years of experience to draw on as my father was one of the largest wild rice buyers in northern Minnesota.
We poly-pack our wild rice and include free recipes with each order. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Thank you for shopping with us!


Terri Worrath

P.S. My husband is one of Minnesota's top fishing guides at Minnesota Fishing Pros. If you're looking for a fun-filled guided fishing trip he'd be happy to guide you. And don't forget to try his own Fish and Game Batter or Fishing Fever Fish Batter - both are available for purchase here.

What our Customers say about Moose Lake Wild Rice

Thanks, I love your rice. I have found nothing else like it. The mouth feel and that subtle snap when you bite down even in soups and stews is the best. I always give it away to my friends because they always ask about the rice when we cook with it.

I just received my 2nd shipment of your wood parched/hand picked wild rice. I have been so happy with this product. We now make your rice quite often for dinner and enjoy it leftover. I use to make other brands occasionally as the results and flavor were not near as good. Great service on shipping as well. Thanks for being able to provide a quality product.

I received my order on Friday and promptly made a batch of wild rice in my rice cooker. My wife and I were very happy with the product. It had a nice aroma while cooking and excellent taste and texture. It was definitely the best wild rice that I have made or eaten. Thanks for supplying a high quality product. I certainly will reorder when this supply is gone. Since I switched to a rice cooker, I get superior results on all my rice and some other grain products.

I received my five pounds of rice a couple days ago and just finished cooking up a pound. Since Iím from northern Minnesota (Marcell), Iíve obviously had plenty of wild rice in my time and even used to go ricing in the fall when I was teenager. I got to tell you, this rice is THE BEST. I donít want to stop eating it. I tried to post a review but for some reason, my Google account is not letting me do so. If you can post this email on your website, please feel free to do so. You have another steady customer and I will be recommending your rice to others.
Please tell Charlie I said, ďHi.Ē We both graduated from DRHS in 1971. I also checked out his fishing guide site and it looks as if heís having a great time.
Thanks again for such a superb product.

Yum! Finally made your rice after having ordered it a few months back. WOW! This is our "go-to" from now on. Used chicken broth instead of water & no salt. Easy preparation. Incredible flavor. I will be ordering again & that's for sure.

Thank you for shipping my order so quickly! I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes I found on your website! Thank you for your quick processing of my order, quick shipment, and for keeping me so well-informed. I appreciate such great customer service.

Hi, Friends! We had to do a bit of research on this. The difference between California "wild rice" and YOUR wild rice isn't so much between methods of processing (roasting over fire vs. drying on conveyor belts over gas flames)--although dry-roasting is probably a superior method--as it is between the nature of the rice. California "wild rice" is a hybrid; your rice is truly natural (non-hybrid). KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We thank God for you and your rice and pray for the continued success of your company.
You would be very surprised at what we have sacrificed just to keep your rice in our diet--even foregoing what most people consider to be absolute necessities in life. Well, in our minds, YOUR RICE IS MORE OF A TRUE NECESSITY IN LIFE THAN MOST THINGS PEOPLE CONSIDER TO BE SO!
Mrs. and Miss H.

Thank you for shipping my order so quickly! I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes I found on your website!
Thanks again,

Just wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you how much I love your wild rice. It shipped quickly and I just made soup today. Fantastic! The next time I cook it I think I'll just eat it plain out of the pan! Thanks for such a wonderful product!

My family and I really enjoy the great tastes in your products. We tell our friends and family to try them all the time. We really appreciate that you are providing the public with care.
Thank you so much in caring.

I just wanted to let you all know how much I love your Wild Rice. I gave the last order out for Christmas Presents and got lots of really great feedback on the rice.Every one that got some wanted more, so I just had to get more for them. Your rice ROCKS. I can not wait for the next batch to arrive.
Thanks for the great product. One really satisfied customer here

I?ve lived in California for 67 years and could never find real wild rice. It wasn?t until we were visiting my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, in Chaska,(a few years ago) that I discovered your product. I was thrilled then and remain so today. My family loves wild rice and it?s a Special Occasion treat. I fix it like my mother did when we were still in Hibbing. Brown bacon pieces, sautť onions and dump the already boiled rice in! Couldn?t be easier! I?ve served the rice to many guests and they all have loved it! My husband?s grandmother once turned her nose up and refused to even taste it. At some point she must have figured that she might be missing something (she definitely was), and finally tried it. She never said she really liked it, but she ate it like there was no tomorrow! I took that as a ?Thumbs up?!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing such a wonderful product!

Thanks for the rice , I have been buying cultivated rice here in Ohio and it's just not the same as real wild rice. I cooked some up tonight and it was fabulous. I grew up in eating rice from my grandfathers farm in Jacobson

Just wanted to say Thanks for the order of Wild Rice. I made some last night and my 84 year old Dad was a happy camper to have such a treat. I will be giving some to relatives for the Holidays. Look forward to eating more and will be ordering more soon.
Thanks again and Have a Blessed Christmas

I would like to thank you for keeping me on your mailing list, every year you send me a flier to order. I am glad you send this out because I jump on line and place an order every year. I love your wild rice! Thank you again and please DO NOT take me off that mailing list! :)

Hello to Minnesota,
Thank you for my order. It arrived just great and I have been making my wild rice dish for all in Tennessee. I like the type of rice you have. Not to dark. I will be off line for a while, having surgery in Nashville. When I recover, I will be back to cooking again in the fall.
Warmest regards,

Thanks for speedy delivery. I'm no expert on wild rice, but, I love your rice and the things I can put in it.
Thanks again,

I am 73 year old and have lost 35# since 1/1/14 using your wild rive as a nutritional base. It don't get any better..
Thanks for your continued excellent product and service.

This the best wild rice ever! Thanks a lot for an excellent product!

Moose Lake Wild Rice is the only company that I know of that has true wild rice. It is not a cultivar. Wild rice is beneficial to one's health and it's delicious to boot! You can't beat that! White rice has no health benefits at all, and that supposed brown rice that you see in health food stores is also a cultivar and not true wild rice. Neither of these rices taste near as good as the true wild rice from MLWR. Also you might have heard of cultivated wild rice, but that is not true wild rice. If it is cultivated, it is a cultivar and thus not true wild rice. So be sure to help MLWR stay in business by getting their delicious true wild rice.
Miss H.

I received the rice today and prepared it for dinner. First, the color is lighter than the wild rice we've eaten over the years. But here is where it's different - the taste. It cooked up fluffy and tastes so good. I'm glad I bought 5 pounds. Wow, so we're eating "Real" wild rice now and it is fantastic.
Best regards!

I rec?d ordered 5 lbs of your rice and made a batch last night for supper. I?m so glad I found you guys. I love cooking with natural foods and wild game. Your rice is the best! Can?t wait to share with all my friends.
Best regards!
P. McG.

Wow!!! I've already received my order. Love the packaging and the burlap bags. Rice looks fantastic and looking forward to having it and serving some during the Christmas holidays; plus one will be a gift. Thank you so much. Your customer service is everything you promised and more!!!!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you for the prompt service and great product. I received my wild rice shipment yesterday and there will be a lot of happy people when they learn that I am going to share. I'll send people your way for mail order when they ask where they can get more.
Best regards, L.F.

Thank you so much for the terrific customer service regarding my order. Your help is greatly appreciated - and so is the wild rice! We just talked to you and placed the order yesterday, received it today, and already have a pot of it cooking for supper.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! D.P.

Got the rice, it's great. Very prompt delivery. Brown, red grains, interesting colors, medium length. Boiled it for 20 minutes, off heat for 40. Fleshy firm curled grains, not mushy. Enjoyed by all. Forget whether we had a 4 or 3 to one water to rice ratio.
Thanks, M.K.

You?re rice is wonderful!!!!!! We were kind of afraid to cook it up due to our last experience with the cultivated ?wild? rice...but damn...this stuff is good...just like the rice we got from those folks that harvested it themselves. I?ll be spreading the word. Take care and thanks!

This past weekend I fed 130 people. I have never prepared wild rice in my life. I followed your simple instructions and the rice came out perfectly. I was feeding some of the most picky people ever, the matriarchs of our church conference and they loved the meal. I served the rice with braised chicken, mushroom gravy, green beans, salad and roll. I saw some of the very most picky eaters all but lick their plates. Needless to say I will use this product again. Thanks for making me a hero!!
J. H.

My brother and his wife have been sending me your wild rice for years. It IS the very best.
Thank you!!
P. T.

Thanks. It was great and I think it is a unique product. I suggest you feature it. I ordered some of the Canadian rice from another vendor and it is OK but we like the rice I got from you more. Will order 10 pounds later today.
J. V.

You have the best wild rice I've ever tasted or cooked (20 min. is perfect) Thanks for a great product at a great price. I've passed your company name on to many friends.
R. V.

There will be no need for your 100% satisfaction guarantee...made my first batch of your wild rice and truly enjoyed it. Everyone that we gave a lb. to seemed pleased and eager to try the real stuff. I can't imagine any of them would take advantage of your guarantee either.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!
S. T.

The rice arrived and it?s perfect! Didn?t count as yet, but I love the wrap ? Thanks again very much &
Happy Holidays,
R. M.

Lee and I won a basket of wild rice, pancake mix and syrup at the Ducks Unlimited Banquet a couple of weeks ago and we thank you for such a nice gift you gave to DU. It is always a great banquet.
Thanks again,
L. and MJ J.

I was impressed with my order...love the labeling...rice looks wonderful....love the burlap bags.
I will remember you for future orders
Best wishes,

My order arrived yesterday and I just want to let you know how pleased I am with it! I grew up in Minnesota and am moving back after more than 25 years. I wanted to give a gift to some of my Arizona friends that was from Minnesota and I thought of wild rice. I found you on-line and I'm very happy with my choice. The bags are a nice extra touch and I love the recipe book. The price was good and the service was great! I'm sure I will be ordering more.
Thanks again,

The order arrived and tonight's the night. Thanks so for the prompt and efficient service.

Thank you for your response and offer to ship by US Mail. I will keep that in mind when I order again. I have ordered twice now and so far I am very satisfied with your product and speedy processing of my orders.
Keep up the good work it IS appreciated.

The rice sold by Moose Lake is some of the finest wild rice I have ever had. It cooks in much less time than cultivated rice and the smell that envelops your home when you bake it is to die for! The price is incredible for the quality of the product.
Treat yourself!

I tried your pancake mix for the 1st time.................pure heaven. Loved the taste. And the syrup was just as good!

I love the rice! I will call you later or go online to order more! It looks fantastic - the grains are huge! I really like your label also.
Thank You,

Got it. Thank you, so much. You truly are doing all of your customers a divine service. That rice is so amazing. I've cooked for people who are totally convince that they don't like wild rice...they have no clue.

I received the rice package on Wednesday and tried out some of the wild rice immediately based on your cooking instructions. My wife is extremely happy with the rich flavor and earthy taste of this rice. We have been eating store bought wild rice mixes and this was a whole new flavor and aroma!! Waiting to try out some of your recipes from the booklet!
Thanks again!

I received my order of wild rice yesterday and had a bowl for breakfast this morning. Thank you so much for the prompt delivery and the superior product. This is a hundred times better than the hard, black cultivated stuff and cooks in half the time. I'll definitely order from you the next time I run out.
Thanks again.......

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my inquiry so rapidly. I really look forward to receiving your Catalog and making my purchase and receiving my order. It's not every company who has such good PR as yours, obviously.
Most appreciated......

Thank you for the great quality wild rice. It is just the same as I used to eat growing up near Leech Lake. I grew up in Walker, MN, and we had a hunting cabin on Boy Bay (Blackduck Point) on Leech Lake. The basic recipe I usually use is cooking the rice with fresh mushrooms, celery and onion with chicken broth.

I bought wild rice for Thanksgiving- it was so delicious! When I was a child growing up in South Dakota, we had wild rice from Minnesota. And for many years, a friend gave me rice from Minnesota. But for the last few years, I bought wild rice in the store here in Illinois and cooked it. I was so disappointed! It did not look or taste like wild rice. Then I got the idea to go online and buy rice. I learned that the rice in the store is not real wild rice! I am so glad I found you! I have a few bags left and can't wait to use them!

We just got the package! Thank you for the fast fast transaction. We will definitely be back as customers! Thanks again.

Just a quick note to let you know my order, Fishing Fever Batter, Pancake Mix and the Natural Wild Rice arrived as promised, well packaged and without delay. This was the first of what will no doubt be many pleasant experiences with your product and your service. As far as the product goes, I am excited about trying both the Rice and the Batter but wanted you to know I got up early this morning (Saturday) and started the day off with a batch of muffins made with Terri's Pancake Mix. Added a cup of dried Blueberries just for kicks and did a pan of thick sliced bacon to round out what turned out to be some of the best muffins I've ever eaten. My wife apparently agreed as she was very quietly consuming muffin's and bacon while she read two newspapers and never said a word. Made for a great start to the weekend. Thanks.

This is a first time order for us. We have received it as a Christmas gift and enjoy it so much we had to have more.

Just a note to tell you how great it was to open the box of wild rice..being a native of Minnesota, the musty scent of the rice brought back memories of watching a harvest when I was a kid and the comfort of it cooking on the stove as my Mother dressed and made ready to stuff the pheasants from the corn field my Father brought in ... thank you! may you stay in business forever..

We recently received an order of five pounds of wild rice. I just wanted to make a few comments. Your web site and business is very well set up and is very professional. Our order was handled promptly, and we really like the true "wild" rice. My wife and I are originally from northern Wisconsin. We also lived in White Bear Lake and Ely, Minnesota. Our wild rice supply, which was harvested by my brother, has nearly run out. So I got on the internet and found your site--my new source for wild rice.
D. L.

Wow, Terri and Charlie, Thanks for this delicious rice! My husband just loves it and eats it every day.
Your service was incredible, notifying us of processing, etc., and we received the product so quickly I was amazed.
C. T.

I am writing to let you know I really like your wild rice.
I was used to some larger-grain wild rice from the nearby huge natural food chain store, probably cultivated, that seemed to take a long time to cook and ended up real chewy. This rice you sent cooks quickly, and has a delicately sweet earthy taste and crisp, tender texture. I had ordered 100 lbs, 50 lbs bulk and 50 lbs packaged.
I will be giving some 1 lb. bags as gifts this Christmas and they are very handy in the kitchen. I just busted into the bulk bag today and that's just as good.
Thanks so much, you had asked me to let you know how I liked it, especially since I was being so picky and asking a lot of questions. Well, I am satisfied now!
P. L.

A friend of mine gave me a bag of Moose Lake Wild Rice some time ago. And I would like to know how to go about ordering some. I cut off the info on the bag plus the small white tag and took a picture so I could make sure I get the same kind. It was the kind that looked like tiny straw and a mix of something with it. When it is cooked it has white semi-circle in it. To describe the taste.well, it is heavenly. Very earthy and delicious!
Having been used to eating the little black wild rice from the groc store.there is no comparison. The Moose Lake Wild Rice is THE BEST. I want to order but I want to make sure that I order exactly when I am sending a picture of. I know there are different types of wild rice. But I am interested in the kind my friend gave to me.
I am interested in ordering 5 lbs of the 1 lb bags.
I need your help in ordering exactly the same kind.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
M. H.

My order for ten (10) pounds of your wild rice arrived safely and in excellent condition this morning. I'm sure it will give us many meals of delightful eating. Your rice is probably the finest on the market. Thank you for your services.
W. S.

We enjoyed our last order so much, we're doubling it this time..!!
L. N.

I recently ordered 2 pounds of wild rice and just wanted to say "thank you" for the wonderful product. I cooked up a whole bag of the rice and put it in the freezer to use when I need it. It turned out perfectly and tasted delicious. I will definitely order from you again!
L. M.

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your wild rice.
Thank you so much
You have a great product!
K. S.

I have been buying from you for years.
Great product.
W. H.

Please give my thanks to Charlie for checking on the miniature canoe and for identifying the problem with my first order attempt. I succeeded with the order today, thanks to your personal help.
Thank heavens for small family-run internet stores.
Happy Holidays!
R. N.

Thank you for your speedy service. My folks love wild rice.
Merry Christmas!
W. W.